Freshman Guides: Biking on Campus

Here's some survival hacks for you newbies straight from an experienced cyclist of the streets of Isla Vista and campus!
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A Look Into Your Sole

Take a quick look to see what your shoe choice says about you!
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UCen Post Office Staff Think They’re Better Than You

A new hierarchy has presented itself at UCSB. Not related to Associated Students or the Office of Student Affairs, rather the University Center Post Office.
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Over Fortnite? Here’s a New Pastime for UCSB Students!

A new game of our daily activities and sights in Isla Vista that's designed to help you level up!
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Here’s Some Irony for Ya: Deltopia Fencing Leading Cause of Injury Over Weekend

Students were greeted with an extravagant display of wire fencing throughout Isla Vista.
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The 10 Commandments to Get Through Finals Week

Surprise! Life isn’t perfect. I’m fucking stressed, for one.
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