Erin Lubitz / Daily Nexus

Returning students from spring break were greeted with an extravagant display of wire fencing throughout Isla Vista.

Many students, like Janine Bobbery, questioned the need for so much fencing during syllabus week.

“In reality, we need this fencing during finals week — that’s when students actually go wild,” Bobbery said.

Students have cited their biggest issue with the fencing is feeling a disruption in their habitual patterns of life. Furthermore, students must endanger themselves by literally jumping over fences to get to our desired location.

On Friday, physics major Brady Munzer had to jump a fence to get to his car.

“It was frustrating, you know? I’m trying to get to my car and have to endanger myself due to Newton’s 15th Law, which is completely irrational,” Munzer said.

The fences also affect the freshman population coming from the Santa Catalina dorms. A group of first-years couldn’t figure out the crosswalk because they’re so used to cutting and weaving through traffic to get to the bus stop.

“I found myself becoming a leader for them in this time of crisis,” third-year Stanley Kidd said. “A lot of them asked me how to stay within the confines of the crosswalk. I even got a question from some girl to show her how to hop the fence — I helped her out, if you know what I mean.”

A petition to ban fence usage throughout campus went live Tuesday morning and can be found through the link below. Students and the greater UCSB community are encouraged to sign in order to minimize danger and confusion in the future.


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