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In an attempt to understand more about yourself as a UCSB student, take a quick look to see what your shoe choice says about you!


You are a Lord of the Rings aficionado. If you walk around barefoot enough you will grow a layer of natural leathery soles and save the fate of Middle Earth. But your personal struggles are emphasized when endless scrubbing doesn’t eliminate the dirt that’s caked on.


Why wear shoes and socks when you can simply rock the socks!?


You wear these as a formality.


You’re a child of the Earth, but not too earth-y. You know your limits, and those include not getting too down-n-dirty. You’re basic and cool — not a spectacular combination, but it’ll do.


You’re one of those kids that’s always around and in-the-know but somehow manages to find time to rock climb and boulder outside in legit nature every other day. Congratulations for being amazing.


If you’re wearing these, what are you doing? You must be a CC kid.


You’re a bit “behind” and stuck reminiscing your high school days. Regardless, you’re the “cool parent” of your friend group. You don’t often judge your friends’ questionable actions, but you also have been known to be very naive and reserved.


You’re pretty social and know at least five people in each of your classes, even if that class is outside of your major department — that’s the kind of person you are.

Vans Slip-Ons

You’re a spontaneous character and will say yes to pretty much everything. You’ll show up with a new hair color tomorrow and a bruise to commemorate a random mid-day adventure from the weekend prior.

All-White Adidas

What sorority are you part of?!

Heelless thigh-high boots

Sorry, who are you dressing up for exactly? It’s Wednesday…


Anat Katzir is a premier shoe expert, certified last year when she worked at Boot Barn.