The Brew Review

The Great Pumpkin Beer…Or Is It?

Observing taste, smell and general chug-ability, check out OTM’s definitive (and highly subjective) assessment of 2014’s pumpkin beers.
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The SB Beer Fest: Prepare for Local Malt Annihilation

Have you ever spent at least 15 minutes in Keg & Bottle’s bomber aisle? Do you follow a brewery on Twitter? Have you ever uttered, “Wine? I’m more of a beer person.” Does the sound of drin...
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The Cultural Inebriation of Oktoberfest

OTM takes on oktoberfestbier for the first time. Deeply colored like an especially frothy cup of black tea and an almost biscuit-like malt, one märzen is particularly smooth and poundable.
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Behind the Bubbles: A closer look at America’s favorite beers

Beer: its presence is ubiquitous in any college town, including ours. Behind this simple drink, however, lies a mysterious and tenuous market. Earlier this month, Pabst Brewing, the Milwaukee-based co...
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