Nexus International

On the Menu Goes On the Road

On The Menu Editor Allison Wright chronicles her delicious backpacking travels.
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Study Abroad Map

A collection of adventures abroad from UCSB students in every corner of the world
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Panhellenic Perspective: The Island of Paros

A Q&A on studying abroad on the Greek Island of Paros.
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On The Menu Takes on Russia

"This weekend, I said Checkmate to Russia. She met me with a cold, unforgiving exterior; with unrequited smiles and the smell of spilled vodka."
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First Impressions: Florence, Italy

A city is like a river when you’re just passing through. The shops, restaurants, streets, cars, churches, bridges, dogs and pedestrians all blur together into one amorphously screeching, steaming, e...
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First Impressions: Hong Kong

The top 10 random observations about studying abroad in Hong Kong
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