The Hong Kong skyline

The Hong Kong skyline

Top 10 Random Observations about studying abroad in Hong Kong

 1. Hong Kong real estate is expensive and the buildings are enormously tall. Every space is used as efficiently as possible. For example, the washer is next to the kitchen sink and there is no bathroom shower, but simply a nozzle on the wall next to the sink and toilet. It’s actually awesome!

2. The tallest bar in the world is located in the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong and the view is amazing. There are plenty of places to visit to capture great views of Hong Kong!

This is a picture of UCSB students in Tsim Sha Tsui!

This is a picture of UCSB students in Tsim Sha Tsui!

3. Their public transportation system is very convenient and clean. People rarely own cars here and usually walk. However, the streets are very steep and narrow.

4.  The University of Hong Kong is a unique place that looks like a scene from Jurassic park.


The University of Hong Kong

5. The weather in Hong Kong is very hot and humid. The locals suggest that we buy “dehumidifying bags” for our closets and drawers. We also keep the AC on whenever we are home. There are also occasional thunderstorms and lightening, so I always carry an umbrella. They also have Typhoons.


A rainy day on campus

6. Hong Kong has a variety of delicious Asian foods and also has amazing bakeries. The conversion rate is awesome and at every meal, I divide by 8 to get an estimate of how much it costs in the U.S. dollars. I haven’t cooked once.


Duck with rice, Ramen noodles with pork and mango tapioca with coconut

7. Hong Kong has beaches and a thriving nightlife! Sound familiar? They have party boats and a downtown area called LKF, which is similar to downtown Santa Barbara!


8. Anything can happen while you are abroad. Two crazy things that happened to me: 1. I was stranded for a night on Macau island and I slept in a park.  2.  I won tickets to a VIP club and got to be at an arm’s length distance from the rapper Tyga for his whole performance.


Tyga performing at a Hong Kong nightclub

9. Unexpectedly, I have learned an immense amount about people of different cultures and not solely Chinese culture. I have been exposed to more cultures than I initially thought and I like to keep an open and accepting mind.


10. Lastly, I have learned that traveling is crucial. I have learned things that I didn’t have the capacity to even think about before I came here. I have met people that I would never have encountered if I didn’t come here. I have only been in HK for a short amount of time and already feel that this trip has changed and taught me so much.