Goat Yoga is Coming to Isla Vista in December

Goat yoga will be coming to Isla Vista this Saturday, giving community members the chance to add some hooves to their downward dogs.  
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College of Creative Studies Celebrates 50th Anniversary

There are currently about 400 students in CCS and over 20,000 total undergraduate students at UCSB.
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Beach Wheelchair Now Available at Campus Point

The UC Santa Barbara Department of Recreation and the UCSB Coastal Fund (CF) installed an all terrain beach wheelchair on Oct. 21 at Campus Point, providing community members with another way to enjoy...
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Advertisements Cost UC Santa Barbara up to $30K for Halloween Weekend

The advertisements are one of the ways the university has tried to curb attendance during party weekends like Halloween and Deltopia in recent years.
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UCSB First UC To Remove Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Only transfer students received spots in the Bachelor of Arts program; all first-years were rerouted beginning Fall 2016.
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