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UCSA To Ask UC Regents to Postpone Student Regent-Designate Confirmation
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UCSA To Ask UC Regents to Postpone Student Regent-Designate Confirmation

Yesterday afternoon in a closed meeting, the University of California Students Association (UCSA) voted to recommend the UC Regents postpone their confirmation of Avi Oved as the student regent designate for the 2014-2015 academic year in light of allegations that Oved accepted a potentially illegal donation for a political campaign in 2013 without disclosing the donation in his campaign finance report.

A spokesperson for State Senator Hannah Beth-Jackson addresses the crowd.

Gun Control Rally Marches Through I.V.

Students, locals and members of nonprofit organizations gathered in front of I.V. Deli Mart Saturday to protest gun violence for the #NotOneMore campaign, a gun control movement started by Richard Martinez, father of Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, a victim of the May 23 Isla Vista mass murder.


Deep-Sea Explorer & UCSB Alumnus Ballard Gives Talk

Dr. Robert Ballard, one of today’s most well-known explorers of the deep sea, spoke at a packed Campbell Hall yesterday afternoon as the keynote speaker for UCSB’s eighth annual All Gaucho Reunion.

Professor Kennedy discussed how language can be used to rationalize injustices, among other topics.
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Curiouser and Curiouser: Last Lecturer Shares His Story

Last night, linguistics professor Robert Kennedy lectured as if it were his last chance to do so, speaking on linguistics and his own personal experiences in the field, as part of the UCSB “Last Lecture” series.

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Just Do HIIT

It’s week six, which means midterms have descended upon UCSB. Plundering our precious reserves of brainpower, they have left us under-caffeinated, stripped of time, and quite possibly tempted to skip our workouts. That’s why it’s the perfect time to try interval training. Not only does interval training help you build […]