Drunken Hookups Yield Diminishing Pleasure

The thing I love about college is it’s the only place I can do everything wasted: cook, booty call my grandmother and make it home with at least one shoe on.
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You, Me and Magnum Makes Three

In the real world, a box of condoms costs about ten dollars. In college life, sex and relationships interns make the starry Isla Vista skies rain with bulk Lifestyles and banana flavored Durexes.
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Dorm Rooms Make for the Best Sexperiences

Long ago, UCSB first decided to remind freshmen of their infantile nature with the familiar barred sidings just like when you were a baby.
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Bedroom Etiquette for Dummies

Communication about sex is by default neither easy nor common for parents, so excuse their embarrassment and take it upon yourself to be learn how to be polite.
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