UCSB Students Stage Walkout Against Rising Tuition for 2017

Members of the UCSB Student Activist Network called on students to walk out of class and assemble in front of Storke Tower Monday, passing out signs saying, “Hikes are for trails NOT tuition” and ...
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Sweet Alley to Come Under New Ownership

Just two years ago, in October of 2014, Sweet Alley unexpectedly shut its doors leaving residents of Isla Vista wondering how they would satisfy their sweet tooth.
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I.V. Youth Projects Seek $300K to Fund Facility

The Isla Vista Youth Projects hopes to cement its role in I.V. this year by raising funds to purchase the Children’s Center building next to the Camino Real Marketplace.
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Lagoon Swim a Risky Task

“You raise $1,000, but you get some viral parasite that lines the inside of your organs,” said John Sterritt, the director of environmental health and safety.
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UCSB Hackers Advance in Worldwide Competition

A group of hackers from UC Santa Barbara is a top 10 team to advance in a cyber security contest that began with 18,000 undergraduate students from around the world.
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