‘Get Out’ Conveys a Message Within Horror

The film always maintains a lighthearted and entertaining demeanor, but its acknowledgement of the issue of racial microaggression and even the principle of eugenics is something to stop and think abo...
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KCSB: The Station Behind the Fun-Drive

KCSB’s goal isn’t just to provide entertainment, but also to provide training in radio, educational outlets and community unification.
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Hitchcock Channeled Through Music’s Rhythmic Ghost

“Blackmail” is the perfect film for which Michael Mortilla to compose to. Its challenges in balance, from tone to pace, keep Mortilla’s ever changing melody on its toes.
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5 Movies That You May Have Missed in 2016

With the year finally over and Oscar season quickly approaching, it’s important to take a look back at some of the great films Artsweek didn’t have a chance to review, or films you maybe didn’t ...
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‘Jackie’ Highlights the Horror of Making History

There is no way to escape Jackie’s situation, and we as an audience are stuck with her in this disturbingly surreal hell.
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‘Beasts’ is Not So Fantastic

'Beasts' is brave enough to detach just enough from its enormously successful predecessor, however, the film relies too much on its pre-established and well-realized setting and lore.
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