Valerie Fu / Daily Nexus

Chow mein,

How, mein?


How does one maintain

Existence in this pain?


My heart screamed yes,

Yet my body answered no —

I should know

That I am never able to digest

a full plate of Panda Express.


In my mind we were infinite beings;

I was a fool to believe that you belonged only to me.

All I wanted was you,

But you didn’t know the difference,

For fuck’s sake, you’re food!


The room looks funny,

But I don’t care, I want my Honey

Walnut Shrimp so crunchy,

So nice for me to munchy munchy.


You infatuate me,

But for my own good

I must be set free,

For fear of my organs

Bursting inside of me.


Kathleen Santacruz craves the sweet release of a creamy, cheesy, rangoon.