Courtesy of Pexels

Cuffing season is upon us, and with it, the announcements of some sweet Gaucho couplings!

A congratulations is in order for Ariana Marmolejo (’19) and Flavio Mensejas (’19). The two tied the knot as soon as the first fall leaf fell upon the Storke Plaza pond. Writer Emma Demorest, a guest at the reception, noted that the boho chic affair was intimate and had a fantastic open bar.  

We have it from the Gamma Delts that fellow sister Mia Roncati (’19) came to their last pledge meeting donning a pretty little Tiffany piece on a certain finger. Her beau, Rich Pomfield, and Roncati are excited to last through the winter in a tight spoon. This busy lassie is already planning her summer wedding, with a rumored venue on the lawn of Chancellor Henry T. Yang’s home.

We also heard it through the grapevine that the Daily Nexus’s own Calvin Thrift (’20) and home ec. major Anita Dee (’21) have let friends and family know that they have begun a courtship (a close buddy says Calvin pinned Leslie last week; she’s been donning it on her shirt collar ever since). We at the Nexus are thrilled about the match, and wish the cute couple the best of luck.

Additionally, Kylie George (’19) is engaged to her third fiancé! Though her last few fiancés have been incredibly wealthy and suspiciously old, Kylie swears that their mysterious disappearances are not at all connected. She is eager to wed Charles Macintosh Moneybags I.V.!