Courtesy of Tenor

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s due to life’s hardships or a few too many drinks during a night out, we’ve all met our breaking points in the streets of Isla Vista. I have often come to that breaking point in my time at UCSB, all because a boy made me cry. Whether you can relate to this or it makes you feel better about your own healthy relationships, here’s a list of the top 10 places a boy has made me cry in I.V.!

10. Bill’s Bus

Alcohol heightens all emotions, so when you’re coming back from a fun night downtown this creates the perfect opportunity for a boy to make you cry. So, yes, you guessed it! A boy has made me cry on the literal struggle bus that is Bill’s Bus.

9. My House

Naturally this would happen. Whether it was over a phone call or he came in person, I often cried at my house because of a boy.

8. Trigo

The streets of Trigo: fun people in fun apartments that always slightly smell of baking Bagel Cafe bagels. A boy has made me cry on the actual street of Trigo and inside some of the apartments, too!

7. His house

There’s nothing better than a boy making you cry while you sit on his bed fully knowing that he hasn’t washed his sheets in three months.

6. Camino Del Sur

Randomly, I ended up outside a house on Camino del Sur where a boy made me cry in someone’s yard for 15 minutes.

5. My Sorority Formal

A boy actually had the audacity to make me cry at two separate formals that I invited him to!

4. Embarcadero Hall

Because lecture isn’t painful enough as is, a boy decided to go out of his way to make me cry in front of Embarcadero Hall more than any professor ever could.

3. Del Playa

Honestly, who hasn’t cried on DP? On multiple occasions, a boy has made me cry on both the 65 and 66 block of Del Playa Drive.

2. Our Lyft

When the surcharge for Uber is just too darn high, sometimes you have to lower your standards and let a boy make you cry in a Lyft instead.

1. 7-Eleven

When I went to 7-Eleven for some much-needed snacks, a boy found a way to turn a fun little trip into an event that caused me to publicly cry in front of the chocolate donuts.


Ollie Tabooger is done crying over boys in I.V.!