Rebecca Baldree / Daily Nexus

In a developing story, senior Jenny Lawrence almost got run over by four different cars while taking her grad photos at Henley Gate this past Monday.

According the bystanders, Lawrence insisted on walking through Henley Gate with her sash carefully draped behind her back while she looked back smiling at the camera. This was to resemble looking back on her four years at UCSB, while still moving toward her future.

“I will do absolutely anything to get the shot,” Kevin McNamara, Lawrence’s senior photographer, said. “Jenny told me she needed this picture in order to graduate, and I made sure she got it.”

Although visibly shaken by the interaction, Lawrence was still available for a quick comment.

“My mom requested this shot for my graduation announcements and told me it would look great on the back of the card,” Lawrence said. “She paid my tuition for four years. I figured it was the least I could do.”

None of the drivers who almost hit her were available to comment, though nearby seniors also taking their grad photos reported that they were shouting profanities and honking wildly.

They also reported that she broke the record for the number of cars had honking at a person during a 20-minute span. She was honked at 52 times, a staggering 2.6 times per minute. However, she said the honks ebbed and flowed, with the highest number of honks at 13 within a single minute.


Erin Lubitz didn’t have a single person honk at her when Kenneth took her grad photos at Henley Gate.