Our diets change exponentially the older we get. One year you’re fisting ramen into your mouth and the next you’re eating foie gras off of a silver spoon. Whatever the case, age changes the way we eat. However, for some of us, our culinary tastes mature more quickly. Before we know it, we have all sorts of fun diet restrictions and preferences that take us from being 20 and twisted to 40 and fabulous. Lately, I’ve been taking note of my own eating habits and have found that in a weird way, I’m actually a 40-year-old. I can’t have a lot of dairy, gluten might be an enemy of mine and anything processed will ruin me for a week. Throw in some Birkenstocks (they’re so comfortable), and I may as well be king of the granola elders. How did I get here? Well, here’s a path that I think anyone in an older boat similar to mine can relate to:

Sierra Deak / Daily Nexus

Frozen yogurt hates my guts.

I remember the first time my body rejected frozen yogurt. I was 15 and I spent about an hour grasping my gut for dear life in the bathroom after having a bowl of frozen yogurt. Within a week, my skin blew up in an acne rage, and that was when I knew dairy had a problem with me. I could no longer enjoy having ice cream, cheese or frozen yogurt in huge amounts, instead having to settle for something incredibly small to spare myself and my toilet. Either that or I take a lactose pill.

Quinoa has my heart.

This may not be the most “mature” thing to enjoy, but with such a huge price tag, only anyone over the age of 30 should be eating it at the frequency I do. It’s a great protein supplement for hard-to-digest meats and it is high in fiber to keep my colon happy. It’s also an incredibly versatile dish. Who else thinks this?

Green juice gets me going.

Oh no, I don’t even buy the stuff. I make it at home by hand. It’s gotten to the point where now there’s nothing sweet in my juices. In fact, just this morning, I juiced some kale, beets, ginger and raw almond milk to give me the energy I needed to get me through my morning — coffee can give me an ulcer!

Gluten is (maybe) pissing my skin off.

Thanks to the wonderful world of genetics, I’ve developed a small case of eczema on the extremities of my body. I now moisturize frequently to combat it, but I’ve found eliminating as much gluten out of my diet as possible to be incredibly effective. I’m not going off of any solid scientific evidence here, but cutting out bread and other gluten-filled products has not only slimmed down my waistline, but it has also reduced my inflamed skin.

Fast food ruins my day.

A few years ago, I hit up a Taco Bell, Del Taco, Burger King and McDonald’s all in one night feeling fine the next morning. With my busy schedule I tend to eat out still, but even the smallest amount will make me feel like I’m living in the ninth ring of hell the next morning. I guess my body just isn’t what it used to be.
This isn’t meant to trivialize serious body issues but rather celebrate them. Why is it that we are so afraid of what makes our bodies unique? Not everyone is made to digest dairy or eat out every night or be frivolous with their food choices.  Let this be a reminder to love your “old” body and all of the “weird” stuff it puts you through. You only get one body, so treat it well and always remember to enjoy yourself!