As it is my last quarter on campus before I graduate, I am scrambling to check everything off of my UCSB bucket list. Unlike most Gauchos, my bucket list does not include illegally jumping off of Goleta Pier or not remembering a crazy night spent on Bill’s Bus.

Natasha Tandler / Daily Nexus

My UCSB bucket list consists of visiting the various restaurants and bars in the Santa Barbara area that I have been dying to try but have never been to during the course of my three years here. Toward the top of this list is a restaurant that many Santa Barbara locals have raved about: the Summerland Beach Café.

On a rainy Friday morning after my midterms were over, my friend Madison Mead and I decided to treat ourselves to a Galentine’s day brunch at the Summerland Beach Café.

As we walked into the old Victorian beach house built in 1893, I was immediately charmed by the quaint interior of the café. The decorations, which included a lot of artwork dedicated to chickens, were simple and sweet. They made the café seem very welcoming and homey.

Natasha Tandler / Daily Nexus

The cold, rainy weather lured Madison and me into beginning our brunch with hot cocoas, which rapidly arrived at our table just three minutes after we ordered them. We were amazed by the giant cups that appeared before us, filled with a perfect 50 percent whipped cream to 50 percent chocolate ratio.

As a self-described hot chocolate aficionado since age four, it was pure bliss.

Selecting what to order was by far the most challenging part of our dining experience. The Summerland Beach Cafe’s breakfast menu has a wide variety of options to choose from. Some highlights include waffles topped with bananas sautéed with brown sugar and walnuts, eggs benedict served with applewood smoked ham or crab meat and 12 different types of omelets prepared in skillets.

After much deliberation, Madison and I both decided to try out the omelets. Madison got the Creative Stereo, which was filled with artichokes, bacon and cheddar cheese. My omelet, called Boutique bō•tan•ík, was filled with brie cheese and spinach.

Within a flash of five minutes after ordering, our food arrived. Just like the huge serving of hot cocoa, the portion of food on our plates was absolutely enormous. Not only were our omelets extra large, but both of our dishes also came with a hefty helping of breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit and homemade apple butter to accompany the English muffin Madison ordered and my toast.

Natasha Tandler / Daily Nexus

My omelet was incredibly light and fluffy. The sautéed spinach was perfectly complimented by the warm chunks of brie cheese that oozed out of the omelet after my first bite.

The sides were just as spectacular as my main entrée. The potatoes were perfectly salted while the homemade apple butter tasted just like the filling of my dad’s apple pie. Needless to say, we scarfed down as much food as our stomachs would allow. Despite our feast, we both still could not finish everything on our plates and were left with large portions to take home.

Overall, we were very impressed by the service, the atmosphere, and, most importantly, the scrumptious food. Our experience at the Summerland Beach Café definitely brightened up that glooy winter day. The Summerland Beach Café is a place that I would highly recommend checking off of your bucket list before you graduate!