Courtesy of Sarah Wilkerson

ISLA VISTA, CA — A third-year UCSB student was arrested last night for the Jan. 5 murder of her roommate, Kelly Lark. The damning evidence was found in the form of a series of incriminating sticky notes found on the girls’ fridge. The notes can be used to mark the trajectory of the events leading up to the homicide, with the earliest dating Oct. 15.

One read, “Kelly, if you could wash your bowl when you get home, that would be great.” The last note was left just a day before the murder and read, “If you don’t do your fucking dishes, I’m going to kill you.”

The victim was found at 9 p.m. Jan. 5 with a spoon — the alleged murder weapon — shoved through the her eye. No other injuries were found on the body, and the coroners ruled the cause of death to be penetrating trauma.

When police arrived to arrest the suspect, she reportedly shouted, “She had it coming! I warned her, but that spoon was still in the sink when I got home.” The suspect is currently being held and will stand trial on Feb. 15.

The victim’s family will be holding a memorial service on Feb. 1 at the UCSB commencement lawn. They kindly ask attendees not to bring any cutlery.


Zoey Brandt is a third-year English major. She is very thankful that her apartment has a dishwasher.