With Black Friday just a day away, its time to start bulking up and training so you can hunt down those deals. Youll have to be stronger, faster and more caffeinated than other shoppers if you want to nab the best prices this friday. Along with strategic shopping, youre going to need premium snacks to keep you fit and ready to shop.

If you want to be strong enough to carry that 50-percent-off flat screen television to your car, you should start bulking up right now. That means a strict workout regimen in which you practice bench-pressing Xbox Ones and lunging down the aisles of Target. Along with this workout, you should stock up on nutrient-dense and protein-rich foods that will help your body build muscle. This means having meals of eggs, protein powder and white meat that are packed with protein. When it comes time for Thanksgiving dinner, demand to be served eggs alongside your cranberries and mashed potatoes to keep your body in peak physical condition.

One of the most important parts of Black Friday shopping is being faster than other shoppers. Once the stores open, your fellow consumer becomes a competitor that youre going to have to beat if you want that new Xbox game. To leave everyone in the dust, you should start a running regime alongside your workout plans. This will guarantee youll be able to sprint past people and reach that sales rack first. Strong leg muscles will ensure you can hurdle over toddlers who foolishly wander into your path. Running so much can be hard on an empty stomach, so be sure to pack a banana and eat a light breakfast before donning your war paint and heading to Walmart. Fruits such as bananas and berries are vital because theyre high in fiber and will help repair torn muscles. A light breakfast will also help kickstart your immune system while waking up your body for a full day of shopping.

When your adrenaline starts to dip and you feel the fatigue hitting you, resist the urge to grab a coffee at Starbucks. While it may seem like a good idea, the line will be full of screaming toddlers and parents who are trying to get their caffeine fix. Not to mention, youll be losing precious shopping time while waiting in line and trying to stay awake. In fact, all sugary foods should be avoided because, while giving you an initial boost, the inevitable sugar crash can be devastating. Instead, pack an apple and water bottles to keep your blood sugar stable and your eyes open. Snacking on something small like an apple also means youll have an extra hand free to throw more merchandise in your cart. If you follow these tips and start bulking up now, youre sure to be strong enough to conquer Black Friday.