Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

With the voter registration deadline now passed and election day only two weeks away, now seems as good a time as any to get informed about what we’re voting on! To help out, here’s a list of the most relevant measures to Isla Vista voters, outlined with our best voting recommendations.


Measure 131F: Plant Safety

Environmental groups in Isla Vista have complained about the safety of their plants. Inspiration for this measure came after reports of frat boys dumping 30 racks of beer on Abrego, thereby damaging the nearby succulents belonging to residents.

Recommendation: Vote Yes on Measure 131F


Prop 7B: Dog Ownership

If there’s one thing Isla Vista residents love, it’s prematurely becoming a dog owner before they even know how to take care of themselves. This proposition imposes a 90-day trial period during which a person from Canine Protective Services can come by and inspect your dog’s arrangements to ensure the safety of your furry friend.

Recommendation: Vote Yes on Prop 7B


Measure BR: Beer Recycling

Or, as we’ve nicknamed it, “beercycling.” For every six-pack of beer you get and later recycle, you can receive a new six-pack at a reduced price. I know, we can’t believe this is a thing, either.

Recommendation: Absolutely Vote Yes on Measure BR


Prop 22C: Noise Ordinance

Ah yes, the dreaded noise ordinance proposition. This new change was proposed by Isla Vista residents who are actually families with parents and small children. This prop imposes a 5 p.m. noise ordinance Sunday through Thursday and an 8 p.m. noise ordinance Friday and Saturday.

Recommendation: Big ol’ NO on Prop 22C


Measure EFG: Freebirds Exclamation Point

Freebirds! is a culinary masterpiece located in the heart of Isla Vista. However, many feel as though the exclamation point takes away from the extravagance of restaurant’s nature. Others think it doesn’t capture the nacho haven’s true essence. We don’t really get the big deal.

Recommendation: Whatever, if it’s really that huge of a problem, Vote Yes on Measure EFG


Prop 501: New Bike Path

This new bike path would go along Camino Pescadero from Del Playa all the way to El Colegio. Drivers and bikers alike have complained they feel like a collision will take place just rolling through this long street. It’s honestly surprising such a busy street like this hasn’t proposed this change a long time ago.

Recommendation: Vote Yes on Prop 501


Erin Lubitz is a third-year political science and communication double major who wants YOU to vote in this year’s election. That is, if you registered to vote on time.