If you haven’t imagined what Chancellor Yang’s head looks like Photoshopped on Kim Kardashian’s new booty pic, you obviously need to get your priorities straight. But just in case you were curious, we went ahead and did all the work for you. You’re welcome.

1. Abrayang Lincoln


Four score and seven Yangs ago…

2. Kim Kardashiyang

Kim Kardashyang

Sorry, this cannot be unseen.

3. Mean Yangs

Mean Yangs

How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Chancellor Yang? NO ONE.

4. The Yangover

The Yangover

We would never think of losing Yang at the top of a hotel.

5. 2 Yangs


Always wearing two chains. And the pinkie ring.

6. Hermione Yangger


Wingardiyang Leviosa…

7. Smash it and Yang it

Smash it and Yang it

The way he works that campus will make your heart Yaaaaaang.

8. Lil Yang


No autotuning necessary.

9. Requiem for a Yang

Requiem_for_a_dream (1)


10. Yancellor Chang feat. Mrs. Yang

yancellor chang (1)

Yangin’ hard to some sick beats.