Students Told to Evacuate El Centro Annex Before Possible Demolition

The side room of El Centro has been a safe haven for students of color since it opened in the late 1970's. Jose Arturo Ochoa / Daily Nexus

The El Centro building’s Arnulfo Casillas’ Activity Room must be evacuated in 45 days because of dryrot, insect damage and seismic risk, UC Santa Barbara administrators notified students Thursday.
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Student Walkout Planned for Trump Inauguration Day

A woman holds a poster saying "Compassion and Solidarity are Presidential" during an anti-Trump rally on November 14, 2016. Josie Baez / Daily Nexus

The Santa Barbara Student Activist Network is hosting the “National Student Walkout Against Bigotry & Hate,” and it is one of many college campus marches that will occur throughout the nation in o...
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Uncertainty for Undocumented as Inauguration Looms

Peyton Stotelmyre / Daily Nexus

With eight days until inauguration, undocumented students throughout the UC face an uncertain future.
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Winter Quarter Resolutions From the Editor

Art by Ashlea Vedder / Daily Nexus

Opinion Editor Jackson Kerr shares the ways he hopes to get the most from his remaining time at UCSB.
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Experiencing ‘Mansplaining’

Art by Peyton Stotelmyre / Daily Nexus

Margaret McMahon advocates for her peers to stand up to mansplaining.
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The Trump Presidency Survival Guide


Neda Mazdisnian provides tips for concerned Americans to navigate a Trump presidency.
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Gauchos to Host UC Riverside in Conference Home Opener

Onome Jemerigbe dribbles the ball down the court. Christina DeMarzo / Daily Nexus

After splitting its pair of conference opening matchups last weekend, the UCSB women's basketball team will return home to face UC Riverside this Saturday.
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NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round Matchups


Staff writer Richard Benites gives his take on what to look out for in this weekend's NFL Playoff matchups.
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No. 12 UCSB In Search of First MPSF Victory at Home

The No. 12 UCSB men's volleyball team has yet to pick up an MPSF win, but has a chance to against UCSD, who is winless in conference matches thus far.
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‘Arrival’ Makes a Smooth Landing at Pollock

Courtesy of Pollock Theater

'Arrival' stresses the coming together of people in spite of differences, the circularity and recurring connections of all things.
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‘La La Land’: A Hollywood Story Turned to Cinematic Gold

Courtesy of 'La La Land'

Los Angeles is essentially its own living and breathing character, leading the audience to believe that the film is as extravagant as the city itself.
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Artsweek’s Favorite Albums of 2016

Courtesy of Frank Ocean

All in all, 2016 was one hell of a year. And, as with any particularly tumultuous time, it left us with some amazing music.
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A Voice Against Mental Health Stigma: Gary Tsai, M.D.

With the hopes of changing the negative connotation that comes with mental illness, Gary Tsai released his first documentary, “Voices,” which is a culmination of his interests and life experiences. / Courtesy of Gary Tsai

After experiencing first— hand the stigma and marginalization that surrounds mental health when a family member was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Gary Tsai became an advocate to provide further assi...
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New Technique To Revolutionize In Vivo Research

cell article

Assistant professor in the mechanical engineering department at UCSB, Otger Campàs, develops new technique to study cells in living tissue
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Could This be the Brightest Supernova Ever Observed?

Courtesy of ESO, ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

Originally thought to be the brightest supernova discovered, UCSB and Las Cumbres researchers now believe that ASASSN-15lh may have been a different galactic event.
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Local Gluten-Free Crossfit Trainer Takes Vow of Silence, Leaves Scientific Community Uprooted

Peyton Stotelmyre / Daily Nexus

In what will certainly go down as a cornerstone development of the 21st century, scientists at the University of Science in Siberia met Monday morning to discuss the unthinkable.
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Top 7 Internships For College Students in 2017

Courtesy of Aptech

Internships. The elusive, ever ethereal precursors to one’s midsummer night’s dream job on Mount Olympus with froyo on tap.
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10 Things the Elf on the Shelf Overheard During the Holidays

Courtesy of dirtydiaperlaundry.com

This festive little buddy comes out to decorate the house with candy canes and lights and does more than just overlook from his perch.
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In Photos: Snowglobe 2016


This year’s Snowglobe Festival, held in the chilly mountains of Lake Tahoe, boasted one of its most ambitious lineups yet. Lil Yachty and The Chainsmokers are two of the hottest crossover succes...
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In Photos: Students March Through Isla Vista After Trump Announced President

Pei Chiao Lin / Daily Nexus

Over a thousand UC Santa Barbara students marched through Isla Vista early Wednesday morning and gathered underneath Storke Tower, protesting the election of Donald Trump. Another rally in response to...
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In Photos: Yangs Walkabout Ghostly Streets

Daily Nexus EIC Megan Mineiro and Chancellor Yang stop and talk with some UCPD officers on patrol. Officer Bly reminiced about his time as a student in Isla Vista. Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

Chancellor Henry T. Yang and Dilling Yang joined Daily Nexus editor in chief Megan Mineiro on Monday for a walkabout Isla Vista. The Yangs accompany the Nexus each year to talk with students about...
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Editor’s Picks

Kevin Son / Daily Nexus

On The Menu gives you some quick tips that are essential to any kitchen's success
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An Inside Look at the Newest Member to I.V.’s Cuisine Scene

Courtesy of Hiwi

" In order to give you an insight into the minds behind the restaurant, the president of HiWi Fusion, Monica Martinez, is here to answer some preliminary questions."
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Traditional Gingerbread Madness

Marisa Ratchford / Daily Nexus

"Every year in early December my family gathers from all across California, not to spread Christmas cheer, but to engage in a fierce competition"
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