Family, Wellwishers Fund Student Funeral


Alen Nazari, a fourth-year psychology major at UCSB, passed away on Friday, April 8 due to unknown causes.
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New Venture Competition Winners Selected Despite Mix-Ups

Photo Courtesy of tmp.usb.edu

Water quality testing technology Osmo won first prize while an all-female group placed third after an announcement mix-up.
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Interview with Man Who Helped UCSB Student After Attempted Suicide

Daily Nexus/Hari Patel

Santa Barbara resident Jeffrey Brown was biking on his usual route when a woman flagged him down for help, asking if he had a knife.
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Feminism is Cancer: Why You Shouldn’t Go

20140219 OpinionFeminism

Benji Lampel warns against wasting your time at the Young Americans for Liberty's upcoming event: Feminism is Cancer
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A Victim’s Mother’s Open Plea

Francisco Barrera / Daily Nexus

The mother of George Chen, one of the six UCSB students slain in Isla Vista on May 23, 2014, urges families to keep guns away from troubled loved ones.
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That Escalated Quickly: Why You Should Do Acid

Art by Arthur Nguyen / Daily Nexus

Eden Loi challenges the boundaries placed around psychedelics.
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UCSB Wins in Walk-Off Fashion Over Gonzaga

JJ Muno catches a ball after it bounced through the infield. Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

The Gauchos were able to win its final non-conference game of the season by scoring three runs in the final inning to defeat the Bulldogs.
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#LeahStrong: Strength in Inches

Photo courtesy of nesn.com

Appearing in her father Devon Still's wedding as the flower girl some weeks back, the courageous battle of Leah Still is celebrated by Staff Writer Elliot Thornton.
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Gauchos Score Two Road Victories at Irvine

After fielding the ball, JJ Muno turns to throw it to first base. Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

UCSB picks up two solid wins at Irvine to maintain a solid conference record and third place standing with only one week left in conference play.
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Tribe Ties Gallery Synesthesia Trips Out Glass Box

Jenny Luo / Daily Nexus

The Glass Box was painted bright: intricate tie-dye tapestries layered the walls, each one unique in pattern, color and saturation.
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Lumineers Ho-Hey Their Way to SB Bowl

The Lumineers (from left): Neyla Pekarek, Jeremiah Fraites and Wesley Schultz.

The Lumineers translate the passion of their music into one of the most emotional, genuine shows a band could put on, which they're bringing to SB Bowl on May 28th.
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2016 Women’s Literary Festival Brings Insight, Inspiration

WLF  logo

A gathering of nearly 200 attendees met up at last weekend’s 11th Women’s Literary Festival, an event held annually in Santa Barbara.
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Cancer Research To Improve Pregnancy Medication

The team injected synthetic peptides into the tail vein of pregnant mice. Upon observation, they noticed that the peptides did not accumulate in any of the organs displayed above.  Courtesy of advances.sciencemag.org

A UCSB professor is working with researchers internationally to create a drug that will assist in pregnancy placenta complications; the drug’s similarities to drugs used as cancer medication are sur...
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Researchers Disclose ‘Unknown Territories’

Airing every Tuesday morning, Yon Visell, pictured above, along with his co-host, Irene Moon (Katja Seltmann), debunk misconceptions about the scientific community. Courtesy of KCSB PRINT

A Tuesday morning KCSB radio show is steadily chipping away the many mysteries and miscommunications of science and the science community.
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ECE Professor Interprets WiFi Signals into Vision

Robots Courtesy of ece.ucsb.edu-1

Associate Professor Yasamin Mostofi has designed a new technology that uses simple WiFi signals to allow unmanned vehicles to essentially “see” through walls.
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Haikus to Student Health

Nexus File Photo

A series of Haikus dedicated to the unique experience of going to Student Health.
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Quiz: Which UCSB Lecture Hall Are You?


Now you can sort everyone into a new set of arbitrary labels to your heart’s content.
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New Starbucks in the UCen: Proposed UCSB-Themed Secret Menu

Alex Nagase / Daily Nexus

With a new Starbucks location coming to the UCSB campus, it's time to take a look at some proposed off-the-menu options.
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In Photos: Extravaganza 2016

Stephen Manga / Daily Nexus

Thousands of students packed Harder Stadium at UCSB on Sunday for Extravaganza, UCSB's annual spring concert.
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In Photos: Lite the Nite Illuminates Isla Vista

Francisco Barrera / Daily Nexus

More than 200 students and Isla Vistans filled People's Park in Isla Vista Saturday night, playing carnival games, winning prizes and listening to the electronic thumps of multiple DJs.
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In Photos: Extravaganza 2016 Lineup Reveal

Jenny Luo / Daily Nexus

Associated Students Program Board released the Extravaganza 2016 Lineup Thursday in the form of graffiti artists tagging a large, wooden board in Storke Plaza with the performers’ names. Photos...
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Light and Fresh Potato Pizza

Marisa Ratchford / Daily Nexus

The perfect pizza recipe for those conflicting cravings, to satiate the pizza gremlin within each and every one of us.
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A Hidden Gem Just Fifty Miles North

Cori Sainte Marie / Daily Nexus

"Everything was trendy, new and something that you would find located in The Funk Zone in Santa Barbara."
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Homemade Orange Juli-YAAAASS!

Kelsey Ferrara / Daily Nexus

This simple drink only uses four ingredients and costs under ten dollars to make.
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