AQB: Really, Forbes? listed NASCAR drivers as two of the top three of its ‘Most Influential Athletes.’ AQB says:

AQB: The Mythical Bear Hair

Just before the Grizzlies’ game-four win over the Spurs, guard Tony Allen briefly had an actual grizzly shaved into his hair before immediately removing it before tipoff. AQB says:

AQB: Think Your Job Prospects are Bad?

ESPN released a list of the best-paid athletes from around the world. It’s no surprise that A-Rod and Manny Pacquiao top it, but AQB’s favorite? It’s not who you would think.

AQB: Lamar Odom’s New Hardware

Lamar Odom became the first Laker ever to win the NBA’s sixth man award yesterday. Second best athlete in the league? Maybe not. But look at it this way:

AQB: MLB Low on T-shirts?

Amidst the NBA playoff insanity, Cincinatti Reds pitcher Mike Leake went to Macy’s and stole ten six-dollar T-shirts. And got caught.

AQB: The NBA’s Jersey Sale Numbers are In

LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant for the NBA’s highest jersey sales this year, the first time he’s won since his rookie season. AQB wonders what that must mean for the NBA as a whole?

AQB: Jimmer Fredette is Too Famous

The Prince of Provo himself, Jimmer Fredette, was asked by BYU to take his classes online because he’s too famous and it disrupts his peers’ learning. Only in Utah.

AQB: Derrick Rose is Magical

AQB once thought that Derrick Rose was the Forrest Gump of the NBA because of his post-game interviews. But after 38 points on 13-17 FG and five assists in 37 minutes yesterday?

AQB: It’s Wiffle Ball Season Again!

People should start playing wiffle ball again. It’s so much better than Madden. It’s physical. Competitive. You can play it anywhere. Plus…

AQB: On the NBA’s Newest Hall of Famers

The basketball Hall of Fame has some new members: Dennis Rodman and Chris Mullin. What an odd pair those two make.

AQB: On Barry Bonds’ Steroids Trial

According to, Barry Bonds thought his Giants team trainers were “spies.” What, like James Bond?

AQB: Bracket Busting

Out of 5.9 million-plus brackets created on, only two predicted this year’s Final Four. Two. People. AQB says:

AQB: Let’s Get it Up, BYU!

It turns out that BYU’s Brandon Davies was booted off the team for having sex. The players aren’t even allowed to have sex?

Armchair Lorax: The Honor Policy

BYU’s starting forward was kicked off the team for violating the school’s honor policy. Mormon jokes aside, AQB loves UCSB because he plagiarized this shit.

AQB: About that Toga Party…

In honor of Mark Bogard and his fitness column, AQB has been running every day for the past three weeks, minus the last two.