Coffee Addicts Rejoice

I invite you to question a friend who has recently acquired a coffee habit: chances are they will speak of their consumption with a tone of culpability, admitting a need to cut down as soon as finals are over. This is a commonly held view on the early morning or afternoon, perhaps even an evening […]

Ecstasy: What It is Doing to Your Brain

In the past few years, the rate of people in the United States using some form of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) — better known as Ecstasy or Molly — has skyrocketed. Psychiatrists have begun to examine the psychotherapeutic effects of MDMA in regard to social interaction for a greater understanding of the positive and negative effects of […]

Costs and Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Over the past couple of years, omega-3 fatty acids have received profound media attention due to their wide range of health benefits. Although they serve as a powerful source of nutrition, excess omega-3 fatty acids can come with a cost to overall health. Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which we must obtain from […]

Got Health? Awareness Week Comes to Campus

For many of us, college means eating a bag of Doritos between classes because you don’t have enough time for a real meal, and drowning in coffee during late night study sessions. Many students struggle with eating healthy and do not get their recommended doses of daily nutrition. This month, though, students have the opportunity […]

There’s a Latte Ways Caffeine Can Affect You

One-third of the world’s population consumes coffee on a regular basis. The average American drinks three cups of coffee a day. Many people — especially college students — indulge in the revitalizing magic of coffee. So, what effects does this favorite drug of choice have on the body? Coffee contains caffeine, which has a nearly […]

Yoga: More Than a Trend

You are in your biweekly evening yoga class. Your mind is cleared from the clutter of your busy day; you’re calm and there is an equal boost of energy with every pose and breathing exercise. Finally, you lie down into savasana and the weight of the world you thought you had on your shoulders is gone. You come out of that class feeling mentally and physically healthy, peaceful and strong enough to take on the world — or at least a long night of studying.

A Breakdown of Nutrition Labels

When deciding what to eat, we want the most filling and flavorful foods. Given that students are pressed for time and money, it becomes more difficult to meet nutritional and caloric needs.

Health and Wellness Columnist Toasts Graduating Gauchos

As We Take Our Last Breath As Undergrads My Fellow Graduates, When you took your first breath on Earth, you underwent a beautiful, irreversible transformation. Before, your lungs were fully immersed in fluid, but your body was now introduced to an alternate input: oxygen. You desperately respired, admitting this new substrate into your body. And […]

Harvard Happiness Study Analyzes Keys to a Lifetime of Joy

With graduation fast approaching and our days of care-free living slipping away, many of us have pondered the age-old question, “What makes us happy?” Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, it is not the result of following a set formula guaranteeing happiness. It is not a byproduct of achieving fame, fortune or a […]

Multitasking: Why Doing Too Many Things At Once is Bad For the Brain

“Practice makes perfect.” It’s that favorite mantra of parents, teachers and coaches all around the world. It’s been drilled into our minds since before we could remember. It makes perfect sense too: If you want to master something, you need to devote some time and effort to it. But, in this day and age, it […]


With Dead Week on the Horizon, Is It Time For a Cup of Coffee or a Nap?

Remember the last time you had trouble sleeping at night? It’s a cruel sort of torture, having to endure every single second of sleeplessness while the hours seem to whisk on by unnoticed. But that doesn’t even compare to the struggles of the following day. Sleep is a huge part of our well-being and ignoring […]

Team of UCSB Researchers Creates New Method For Harnessing Solar Energy

Researchers at UCSB have found an alternate way to harvest energy from the sun without the use of semiconductors. Although the method is still in its infancy, the research team has already obtained substantial progress in efficiency. The use of solar energy is becoming viably competitive to fossil fuels. Zero-emission fuel cells deliver a clear […]


The Importance of Mindset: Fix Your Results By Unfixing Your Beliefs

“Good job! You must be very intelligent.” “Good job! You must be very hard-working.” These two compliments are nearly identical, yet a single word’s deviation can mean a world of difference in terms of achievement. How can different forms of compliments impact achievements of both our academic and health-related goals? Carol Dweck, in her landmark […]

Daily Habits: How the Greatest Determinant of Success Could Be The One You Don’t Think About

We are creatures of habit. If you think yourself the exception, look no further than where you choose to sit every day in class. Chances are you haven’t moved much from your original location since the beginning of Winter Quarter. A Duke study approximated we spend upwards of 40 percent of our day engaged in […]

The Low Fat Myth: Why A Fat-Deficient Diet Could Prevent a Slim Waistline

At some point, most people have set a New Year’s Resolution to improve some aspect of their health, wellness or fitness. We all know it’s January when every gym in America is offering a New Year’s Special. Navigate through any aisle at the supermarkets, and you’ll see altered packaging of the same old “health foods.” […]