The Portola Brunch Defense

One writer fights the odds, and the layout, that inhibit the least well regarded dining common: Portola. Lianna Nakashima goes out of her way to brunch at this less than favored university housing eatery. Here’s why.

Aladdin Café: Garlic, Hummus and Humility at IV’s Newest Eatery

“There’s nothing like this here … I want to bring a taste of Mediterranean into I.V., to bring a better image of Middle Eastern culture”


Buddha Bowls: A Welcome Addition to the I.V. Food Court

From melons to mushrooms, BBQ chicken to volcanic cinnamon bread, Buddha Bowls brings a new set of flavors to Isla Vista — and makes us wonder why we haven’t been eating pizza out of a bowl until now…

Getting Your Italian On

Isla Vista’s newest eatery, Sorriso Italiano, is looking to serve up local residents and UCSB students with the heartiest, most authentic Italian food possible.


Kickin’ it with the Kaptain

As Winter Quarter got underway, I found myself getting distracted on my daily bike ride down Pardall to class. Upon passing by the Study Hall, my mouth would spontaneously start to water, I’d get a strange craving for meat, and a woody, smoky aroma seemed to fill the morning air. This week, I found the […]

The Hungry Gaucho Develops a Habit

In-N-Out is synonymous with an amazingly delicious burger. That would explain how up until this past year, the Habit has always evaded my attention. In my mind, no other burger could top the juicy, savory quality that could only be produced by the SoCal-spawned, family-owned chain easily identified by two crossed palms. No matter how […]

The Hungry Gaucho Gives You Wings

Located where the late Chino’s Rock and Tacos used to stand, Angry Wings has finally opened. While the layout of the building itself remains essentially unchanged from Chino’s, the owners of Angry Wings have given the walls a facelift and a paintjob that matches the logo of the restaurant. According to the website, the owners, […]

The Hungry Gaucho: Loco for La Cantina

Whoever invented the breakfast burrito is my hero. And as far as good breakfast burritos go, La Cantina is the place to find one. Flavorful eggs, delicious potatoes, melting cheese, rice, fresh salsa… I know, my mouth is already watering too. After a night filled with heavy liver bashing, a La Cantina breakfast burrito is […]