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AB 3 Isla Vista Self-Governance Explained

Isla Vista’s New YMCA

The Nexus team explores the new building of the St. George Family YMCA on Camino Del Sur.

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Buddha Bowls

The Daily Nexus takes a look inside Buddha Bowls, I.V.

What Gauchos do in the Summer

Gauchos do some pretty awesome things in the summer. Check it out!

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Welcome to Paradise Carnival Recap Video

A look back on the Daily Nexus/KCSB Welcome to Paradise Carnival featuring FMLYBND.

Azeem Ward Interview From The UK

Azeem discusses his ongoing tour in the UK. Interview by Editor-in-Chief Emile Nelson

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Nexclusive Interview: Marcos Novak

Two weeks after his creation was first opened to the public, Professor Novak sits down with the Nexus to discuss what his vision was, what the lit up tunnel means, and the effect it’s having on UCSB.

Reflecting on Isla Vista

The Nexus asks students and community members how far Isla Vista has progressed since the tragic night of May 23rd, 2014.

Men’s Tennis heads to the NCAA’s

After winning the Big West Tournament, Men’s Tennis becomes the only team this spring to reach the NCAA tournament at UCLA this weekend.

Batcave Sessions: Pookie

Pookie, a four-man band from Isla Vista, California, performed “Blowin’ It” at the Daily Nexus Batcave. The group consists of guitarist Chris Miehls, frontman Ryan Mandell, bassist Zach “Staffie” Stafford and drummer Nick Fields. Mandell and Fields are both senior English majors at UCSB. Read the story about Pookie here:

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Nexclusive Interview: Shuji Nakamura

Newly elected Editor in Chief Emile Nelson gets up close and personal with Prof. Shuji Nakamura discussing his recent trip to Sweden for the Nobel Prize Ceremony.

Daily Nexus Gold Promotion

Why YOU should vote for the Daily Nexus lock-in fee on GOLD.

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Holi Festival 2015 Recap

Daily Nexus Reaffirmation and Increase


Happy Holidays: Daily Nexus Looks Back at 2014

A compilation of all the video the Daily Nexus brought you from 2014.