Health & Fitness

Student, UCSB Organizations Host Eating Disorder Awareness Week

UC Santa Barbara’s Active Minds and Health and Wellness Program co-hosted their annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week from Feb. 26 to March 1, aiming to increase awareness about eating disorders and...
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Just Do HIIT

It’s week six, which means midterms have descended upon UCSB. Plundering our precious reserves of brainpower, they have left us under-caffeinated, stripped of time, and quite possibly tempted to ski...
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The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Sugar: 10 Ways It’s Ruining Your College Experience

Alcohol. Cocaine. Heroin. Sugar. Wait. Sugar? It’s not a typo. Sugar, like any drug, is addictive. This is because it triggers the release of dopamine, among other neurotransmitters, which sends sig...
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UCSB Students Take On Santa Barbara International Marathon and Half Marathon

“At the eleventh mile, there was this long steep hill. Oh my god, my legs were barely moving. Then after the hill, I just started booking it.” Second-year biology major Emily McGovern had never r...
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New Student Fitness Group Offers Weekly Workouts

Nexus Asst. News Editor Hannah Nelson talks about her experience working out with SB Fitness. The group meets every Saturday for beach runs, aerobics and plyometrics.
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