The Origins of Sin: a Review of Religious History

In his column “Why Religion May Be a Matter of Ideology, Not Theology,” Mr. Schenck claims that the Christian concept of sin originated in Old English etymology. But here’s a reality check: the Jewish religion had the idea of “sin” thousands of years before Christianity. About 4,000 years ago, Moses wrote the book of Genesis, […]

Ask An Atheist Unfairly, Inappropriately Attacks Christianity

Reading last Thursday’s “Ask an Atheist” column was saddening for me as a Christian who knows the writers of both columns and knows they are consciously writing lies about the Christian faith with the express intent of intellectually coercing skeptics who are on the fence about whether to start accepting God’s free gift of grace. […]

Selfish Protestors Unfairly Victimize the Honest Business Man

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are a mindless rabble of envious deadbeats. When they aren’t doing drugs and breaking laws, they’re busy defecating on police cars and marching on the private homes of businessmen, who dedicate their lives to hard work, entrepreneurship and lawful citizenship. They exude hatred for and jealousy of the most honest […]

President’s Demand Undercuts Israel, Exacerbates Issues

Seeing President Barrack Obama in person and hearing him speak about the United States and Israel alliance was an unforgettable experience.

College Republicans Question A.S. Legislative Council’s Integrity

Freedom of speech is under assault at UCSB, and what happened at Associated Students Legislative Council last night should send a chill down the spine of every student interested in free and open debate on campus. College Republicans at UCSB intend to bring controversial, polemic David Horowitz to UCSB on May 26, and we requested […]

Apathy and Cynicism Crumble in the Throes of Truth

There is a consensus among students at UCSB that our university suffers from a spirit of apathy.

Who Is Your God? – Christianity

Albert Einstein once said that he desired to know “how God created this world,” for his scientific observations led him to a belief in the existence of a higher power, a “subtle spirit” largely unknowable to the human mind.

Midterm Elections Provoke Anxiety Over Shifting National Identity

Last Tuesday’s midterm elections demonstrated a clear break from the Obama fervor of 2008, illustrating the American public’s dissatisfaction with the current administration and its policies.

Liberal Supreme Court Nominee Undermines Constitution

There is only one litmus test that ought to be applied to a Supreme Court nominee, and that is the question of whether or not he or she is an Originalist.

State Budget Woes Prove Current Policies Lacking

In the midst of an economic crisis brought about by the Democrats’ anti-growth, big government policies and the unhinged spending of liberal politicians, Californians will have the opportunity to finally reject the Left’s failed agenda.

Arizona Acted Where U.S. Government Failed

Illegal immigration is a crisis that threatens the very sovereignty of our nation. While the United States is a nation of immigrants, it is also a nation of laws, governed by a constitution that gives the federal government authority to regulate citizenship. The American government is only responsible to Americans; it bears no legal or […]

Liberal Reformers Refuse to Regulate Culprit of Crisis

The Democrats’ latest “financial reform” bill is a massive power grab that does nothing to actually solve the problems that led to last year’s financial collapse.

Companies Reserve Right to Charge for Better Service

Two weeks ago a federal appeals court ruled in a 3-0 decision against Net neutrality, the Federal Communication Commission’s latest scheme to control the content delivered by Internet Service Providers.

Powerful Deterents Prevent Terrorists From Attacking

President Obama recently altered our country’s long standing policy of nuclear deterrence by making the explicit promise not to use nuclear weapons in response to a chemical, biological or crippling cyber attack against our homeland. This shocking reversal from decades of Cold War era policy is part of Obama’s professed desire to see a “world without […]

New Drilling Falls Short of U.S. Needs

Last week’s partial lift on the domestic oil drilling moratorium was an almost comical concession to the private sector from a president who has proven himself to be openly hostile to the free market. President Obama’s policies of unprecedented deficit spending, regulation and nationalization have instilled uncertainty in the market, crowded out private sector growth […]