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The Origins of Sin: a Review of Religious History

In his column “Why Religion May Be a Matter of Ideology, Not Theology,” Mr. Schenck claims that the Christian concept of sin originated in Old English etymology. But here’s a reality check: the Jewish religion had the idea of “sin” thousands of years before Christianity. About 4,000 years ago, Moses […]

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Ask An Atheist Unfairly, Inappropriately Attacks Christianity

Reading last Thursday’s “Ask an Atheist” column was saddening for me as a Christian who knows the writers of both columns and knows they are consciously writing lies about the Christian faith with the express intent of intellectually coercing skeptics who are on the fence about whether to start accepting […]

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Selfish Protestors Unfairly Victimize the Honest Business Man

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are a mindless rabble of envious deadbeats. When they aren’t doing drugs and breaking laws, they’re busy defecating on police cars and marching on the private homes of businessmen, who dedicate their lives to hard work, entrepreneurship and lawful citizenship. They exude hatred for and […]

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President’s Demand Undercuts Israel, Exacerbates Issues

Seeing President Barrack Obama in person and hearing him speak about the United States and Israel alliance was an unforgettable experience.

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College Republicans Question A.S. Legislative Council’s Integrity

Freedom of speech is under assault at UCSB, and what happened at Associated Students Legislative Council last night should send a chill down the spine of every student interested in free and open debate on campus. College Republicans at UCSB intend to bring controversial, polemic David Horowitz to UCSB on […]