Right Said

In the midst of an economic crisis brought about by the Democrats’ anti-growth, big government policies and the unhinged spending of liberal politicians, Californians will have the opportunity to finally reject the Left’s failed agenda. Despite being the 9th largest economy in the world, businesses and entrepreneurs are leaving California en masse to escape oppressive regulation and taxation, unemployment has skyrocketed past the national average to a rate of 12.4 percent, and the state’s public deficit has crowded out desperately needed private sector growth. California’s liberal caretakers deserve to be held accountable for the nightmare they have created and replaced with principled Conservatives capable of returning the golden state to its former glory.

A $20 billion debt does not appear overnight. For years, the Democrats have had a near supermajority in Sacramento, and a united Republican opposition has done little more than slow the forward march of every new liberal agenda. The machine politics of the Democratic Party have rendered even the most well-intentioned reformers impotent and made the reversal of government spending a fool’s errand. The midterm election may be California’s last chance to halt its decline before political corruption ensures Democratic dominance and deadly political stasis.

If our state’s economic potential, currently strangled by statist politicians in Sacramento, was unleashed through tax cuts, deregulation and privatization, the private sector would rebound and cover the budget gaps. Such an agenda would require strong Conservative leadership in every branch of state government. Electing a Conservative governor is a necessary first step in orchestrating California’s desperately needed political turnaround.

The Democrats insists that if only if they could gain a little more power, a liberal governor or an unstoppable supermajority, their utopia will be realized, yet their insatiable appetite for power has consistently brought about financial disaster and widespread misery. The Democratic Party’s stewardship of California has been an utter failure, and so it will remain as long as we continue to elect spendthrift liberals over responsible, growth-oriented Conservatives. For the sake of our state’s future prosperity, Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats must be defeated next November.

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