The Bigger the Predator, the Safer the Kelp

Kelp forests play several essential roles that aid in maintaining a thriving marine ecosystem. These roles range from sheltering smaller fish species from the vicious ocean predators that lurk in open...
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The Kidney-Saving Diet

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disease, characterized by giant fluid-filled cyst growing in the kidneys, which enlarges the organ to potentially fatal sizes. Treatment for slowing or sto...
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Clam-tastic Solar Power Technology

Giant clams contain light-reflecting cells, called iridescent cells, on their exposed epithelium that allow the giant clam to reflect incoming sunlight into vivid shades of gold, blue and green. The g...
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Researchers Develop Improved Method To Screen for Neural Toxicity

Traditional methods for testing neural toxicity have often been costly and, at times, failed to detect certain compounds toxic to the brain. However, researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison, ...
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