This Space Was for a / Real Article, But Now We / Just Have Some Haikus

New freckles appear Where did you come from? Asymmetrical   It’s hard to drink from Water fountains when wind blows Stream into my face   Dirty eraser, You didn’t even do your Job at all...
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What Does Go On Beneath Storke Tower?

The Opinion page is a place of controversial thought and discourse. It is rarely the moderate thinker or the complacent observer who chooses to write in, as demonstrated by the Jan. 11 letter to the e...
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“Dos” and “Don’ts” (But Mostly “Don’ts”) of Freshman Year

So you’ve finally made it, eh? You’ve pillaged Target’s college dorm aisle, awkwardly reached out to your future roommate in hopes of coordinating your bedspread and outfitted your whole extende...
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