Mr. Brightside Voted “Best Song To Use To Get Laid”

Fraternity boys rejoice as their favorite and most played song ever now has an additional value. “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers has officially been voted Best Song To Use To Get Laid by none othe...
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What Your Hickey Says About You

Hickeys are a timeless staple that lets the world around you know that you’re getting some. Here’s a guide that shows exactly what your hickey says about you!
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How to Sexile Your Parents During Spring Break

The advice you’ve all been waiting for.
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Two of My Bitches were in the Club; Thankfully Didn’t Know About Each Other

Tragedy struck Santa Barbara in the late hours of Saturday night as I stumbled my way out of the back of Sharkeez’s bathroom... what happened next will leave you shocked!!!
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