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Hickeys are a timeless staple that lets the world around you know that you’re getting some. Here’s a guide that shows exactly what your hickey says about you!

1. The Small and Dainty

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You like to be secretive, yet you still want ~some~ attention. I mean, you got laid! You’re not about to toot your own horn, but you really hope someone else will.

2. The Dark and Stormy

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YASSSS QUEEN! You are LOUD and proud, and you are not going to let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s 2018, and you’re all about owning your sexuality. Go buy some new v-necks to show your hickeys off.

3. The Two-Sider

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Are you super into paintball, or are you just neck ambidextrous? No stone or side is left unturned for you and your partner. You’re the kind of couple that goes hiking to find the holy grail.

4. The Constellation

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You and your partner are astrologically compatible! To secure your love, your partner attempted to recreate your star-sign on your neck. True romance.

5. The Follow the Arrow

Candace Dunkin / Daily Nexus

You just uh, really let your partner give you a hickey in the middle of your neck? It’s nice and all that he likes to leave a cookie crumb trail to your vagina, but you should stop being the kind of person who doesn’t speak up sexually… Unless, of course, you’re into trachea marks.

Candace Dunkin once got accused of being really bad at paintball after a two-mile walk of shame. Rude.