University of Manchester Intergenerational Projects Group Tackles the ‘Loneliness Crisis’

A group of students that hold parties in a Manchester bar for around sixty older people four times a year, as well as monthly film afternoons for up to thirty.

Impact Journalism Day: Students are Fighting for the Future

By writing about these innovative projects, the 20 participating student newspapers, show the collective force that the media has to catalyze change.

UC Berkeley Startup ‘SafeSpace’ Works to Promote Mental Health Awareness

UC Berkeley students are developing a website and mobile app to connect campus students experiencing mental health issues with other students who face similar experiences.

Sciences Po Refugee Assists Asylum Seekers in France

The organization, Sciences Po Refugee Help, aims to materially and immaterially improve the living conditions of refugees.

Pitt Pantry Addresses Rising Food Insecurity

The Pitt Pantry’s customers are only a handful of the thousands of college students who visit campus food pantries across the U.S. — and that number has ballooned in recent years.