KCSB Celebrates 60-year Legacy with Alumni and Students

UCSB students and alumni toured KCSB’s facilities and attended a banquet that celebrated the founding of KCSB and the radio station’s history.

UCSB MCC Presents: “Environmental Justice Around the World”

The panelists discussed the importance of developing resources for students of color that make them feel welcome and connected to their environment.

Conservative Campus Group Turning Point USA Establishes Itself at UCSB

Turning Point USA at UCSB has increased its campus presence since its first meeting, protesting online learning in January and hosting conservative speakers in an off-campus event in April. 

IVRPD Begins Renovations for Pardall Gardens

Along with establishing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant accessible pathways and updating pre-existing park amenities, the renovation will emphasize planting drought-tolerant foliage.

UC Regents To Vote on Proposed Tuition Increases at Upcoming Meeting

The proposal, introduced at the Regents’ May 13 meeting, would increase tuition for the future class of 2022-23 by 2% from the previous class’s tuition plus inflation.

Finding Permanence in Ink

Strength, recovery, liberation and ink: Students get ‘tatted’ to find stability as they navigate ever-changing college environments