Don’t be shy! Asking questions is an important part of the academic process — and a great way to assert yourself over your weak-minded peers! However, not all questions are created equal, so here is a comprehensive list of the BEST questions to really wow your professors and stake your claim as an academic weapon. 

  1. “Will this be on the exam?”

The more you ask this question, the better. A surefire way to earn your classmates’ respect. 

  1. Inquire about the marital status of your hot TA 

Asserting yourself as a sexually viable option will indicate you are an alpha both inside and outside of the classroom. 

  1. “How many citations do we need?”

Similar to question #1, being a needy fucking piece of shit is a great trick to have up your sleeve! Next quarter, try abandoning common sense or syllabus comprehension and instead demand instant answers. Bonus points for a slight whine. 

  1. “Gay son or thot daughter?”

Stun your professors with this one. A great way to open up the classroom for broader discussion and societal analysis. 

  1. Raise your hand to restate the information your professor just provided 

Not a question, but a great strategy. Everyone loves listening to the sound of your voice just as much as you do! 

  1. “Sorry this is a bit off topic but your makeup is STUNNING today queenie”

Lecturing in front of hundreds of Gen Zers can be unnerving, let your cunty professor know they are a part of the flock!