On Friday, Delta Alpha Delta (DAD) was disbanded from UCSB’s Interfraternity Council after they received concerning reports of hazing from their current pledge class. Some of the most tormenting rituals that they had to endure included attending all of their classes, turning in their assignments on time and contributing to group projects.

These rituals were deemed unacceptable by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) because they directly contradict their anti-hazing policy.

“Hazing is anything that inflicts unnecessary harm on others for the sake of initiation,” IFC President and fourth-year economics major Chad Brad said. “The rituals that DAD was making their pledges do were straight up inhumane and physically impossible for many of them.”

DAD pledges reported developing serious trauma from the rituals, some even experiencing stress-induced psychosis.

“Once I actually had to go to class — that shit was insane,” pledge and first-year communication major Kyler Tyler said. “I can’t believe I actually had to work on this one group presentation. This crazy bitch in my group was like, ‘you need to open your laptop.’ I was like, ‘what the fuck is that?’” 

Some pledges were so scarred from the experience that they turned down an interview with The Daily Stench. One source preferred to send in a written statement.

“DAD shuld bee shut down. i had 2 loggin to canvus four the first tyme and i wus so skared,” the anonymous pledge wrote. “this is crool and unyushual punishmint.”

In light of these allegations, the IFC conducted a further investigation into DAD’s hazing process. They found evidence of other brutal rituals, including forcing pledges to take an anti-discrimination course and not allowing them to use Zyns for up to 8 hours.

The IFC vows to not allow another incident like this to happen again at UCSB fraternities.

“If you’re in a fraternity, going to class is never okay. A brother should never have to go through that,” Brad said. “We promise to protect every Ethan, Andrew and Jack from ever having to do work again.”


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