Faith Talamantez / The Daily Nexus

Yeesh! After a long and warm Week 1, students are absolutely exhausted going into their second full week of classes. Many are so sleepy that they can barely last through a single lecture. Fortunately for those tired students who want nothing more than to be back home sitting in front of a screen of sorts, there is a useful feature available on your laptop that a fellow student has recently uncovered. 

“Yeah, I usually just have a clock open during class. I don’t really need to take notes on the lecture or anything, I am studying the time. I’ve got to get out of here actually,” said second-year economics major Helena Martinez. 

At 3:45 p.m. exactly, she slung her backpack over her shoulder, hitting three students behind her in the face. She hurdled over a first-year student who was just starting to get out of their seat, sending them toppling over behind them. Though our reporter tried to keep up, it was impossible to catch Martinez as they sprinted out of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building and towards Isla Vista, pushing people out of their way as they went. 

“Yeah, it sucks knowing that everyone is just waiting for the minute they can leave the moment they sit in my class. I was hoping that students would be as passionate about this as I am, but I guess not everyone cares about my little old feelings,” said professor Kri Baybee, watching students tripping over each other in the doorway. 

Although it deeply saddens professors across all departments, students like Martinez continue to pack up before they can even say, “See you next time.” Getting in that crucial screen time for the day is sometimes the only thing on a student’s mind, and, honestly, it’s hard to blame them. So, Gauchos, if you notice a student with the time filling their laptop screen, be sure to sit a couple rows back to avoid the swing of their backpack. 


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