As soon as the lids go low, people turn to cartoon television shows and movies. Yet, we propose a change in entertainment to feed your high. Change it up and head to your Playstations, Xboxes or Nintendo devices to play some of your favorite games whilst stoned. 

Courtesy of PCMag

This list will give our opinions on some of the games that will put you to sleep and others that will give you the best gaming experience on 4/20.  




FIFA Sports


These games kick off our list for the snooze fest. While high, this game not only can be difficult to play due to advanced controls, but it is a slow paced game. 


This game requires lots of skills in order to play online versus opponents. The technicalities of soccer rules like offsides are hard to tell sober — now imagine being high. 


FIFA is a no-go if you are inebriated. 


EA Sports PGA Tour


This video game involving golf’s best players is difficult to play while sober. Now imagine yourself high trying to putt a ball in to secure a birdie. 


This game would be the perfect way to put yourself to sleep due to the slow pace it takes to play 18 holes during a video game. 


MLB: The Show 


Known to be one of the most competitive sports games for online play, this baseball game takes some real focus. 


With baseball being hard to watch for some due to the slow play of the game, the video game takes the same response. 


Coped with hard controls, this game requires a grind to beat the better opponents online.


Best experience: 


Madden NFL


One of the longer tenured video games, Madden NFL takes playing with NFL players to a new level. 


Always making a pass or a tackle, this game doesn’t require too much skill. Who wouldn’t love tackling an opponent high off of an edible?




This game, specializing in its virtual basketball gameplay, has a variety of modes to play, each bringing the excitement of playing as all-time NBA players. 


It also offers easy controls allowing the average gamer to be able to dunk and shoot three-pointers. 


Although, playing online while  may cause a bit of a headache due to the fast-paced playing style.


EA Sports NHL


One of the best games to play if you’re high. Due to its fast pace and variety of options, you will be confused about the controls, but the option to turn off penalties makes the game playable. 


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