Valerie Fu / Daily Nexus


For the first time in two years, UC Santa Barbara is hosting full-scale commencement ceremonies to celebrate its graduating students. This year, 6,585 students will receive degrees (or at least empty diploma frames) in one of UCSB’s five commencement ceremonies.

While all students will be celebrated this weekend, top students who earned grade-point averages above the eighth percentile will finish their studies with a unique distinction. After years of hard, repetitive effort, these students will have the fulfillment of finishing their degrees magna cum laude. These students will be endowed with the University’s highest honor for academic achievement measured by GPA.

Chancellor Yang is presiding over commencement festivities and spared a moment to speak with Nexustentialism reporters. “We as a community are just so proud of the achievement of these students. They should certainly feel very satisfied with themselves and the effort they have put in. We hope they are experiencing the greatest pleasure and happiness possible when we come together to celebrate as they finish their time here at UCSB.”

The community has certainly joined Chancellor Yang in congratulating these fine students. Many of those who did not experience the honor of magna cum laude were awarded degrees cum laude. Even those who were not celebrated to the fullest extent this weekend expressed satisfaction about the pleasure and success of their fellow students and hope to be honored in other ways soon.


Varun Iyer is graduating with high honors.