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Hey, roomie!!!

Greetings from FIJI!!!!! Well, I’ll probably only be getting to the airport by the time you read this — depending on how late you sleep in, LOL — but close enough!! SO excited for this little spring break getaway; I needed this so bad!! I mean, I’m done with all of my major classes, and I just finished taking those two courses I picked because they were cute, but still! Wish you could come, girl! I’d fit you in my suitcase if I could! I mean, it’s big enough, but TSA would probably arrest me!!!!

Speaking of my suitcase, UGH. Sorry for the absolute NIGHTMARE of a morning I gave you while trying to leave. I got this new luggage set and had it custom fitted with a speaker so that I’d be able to tell which was mine when it came off the baggage claim place, but I didn’t know how LOUD it’d be!!! So if you heard the phrase “THIS IS SHANNON MICK’S SUITCASE” over and over, I’m so sorry!!! I just couldn’t get the damn thing to turn off! I tried hitting all the buttons, but I kept accidentally turning on and off the built-in fan, USB port and minifridge compartment in the bag — clumsy me!!! And on top of that, our overhead light kept reflecting on the jewels I had the suitcase decorated with and it kept bouncing into your eyes — SO SORRY again.

I don’t think you woke up, though, which, PHEW! I’m glad you’re such a heavy sleeper and a late one too! I’m planning to leave the house by 7:40 a.m., at which point, on a normal morning, I’d probably be back from the gym, blending up my green juice in the nutribullet — that just reminded me, I HAVE to get better at putting that thing in the dishwasher!!! One more thing to add to the New Year’s Resolution list!!!!!!!! But thankfully you sleep so soundly! Ugh, but that’s just me, always go go go, you know how it is. I wish I could live your life for a day, always so relaxed, never in a hurry to get anywhere!! (Although I don’t think I could go a day without at least SOME form of exercise — I just go crazy when I’m cooped up all day!!! LOL!!!!) 

When I was leaving, I was like, “Aww! She must have been up all night studying for her last final today. I’m glad — she needs the rest!” But then I remembered your final was yesterday!!! So IDK what you were getting a lot of beauty sleep for — not sure what time you went to bed as I was out like a light at 9:30 p.m. … That sleepytime tea is a miracle worker!!! But I hope it goes well!!!

Oh, oh, you won’t believe this. Guess where my mom announced we’ll be going for spring break — Cabo. FUCKING Cabo. I can’t believe it!!!! It’s like we’re just throwing our money at places instead of actually thinking about what will be fun. And on top of that, Cabo is my old high school friend, Gracie Michelle’s, thing, and if I go there for break and post about it I’ll look like a total fucking poser! I can’t just rip off her spot!! But of course my mom said the tickets were non-refundable. To make it up to me, she bought another first-class ticket for my bestie Rachel to come along with and hired a professional photographer for my Insta pics, but honestly, what’s the point? As soon as I post a picture with the location tagged as Cabo, no matter how cute I look with one of my new bathing suits I bought for the trip, no matter my professionally calculated hip-to-waist ratio, it won’t matter. Once those Northcrest High girls see the post, they’ll just think of me as Gracie Michelle’s little minion, following her across the globe. And after our parents coincidentally took us both to Paris for our graduation present, I CAN’T have that happen again. (If only I worked hard enough to get above a 2.0 GPA — then they would have taken me to Japan!!!! UGH!!!!)

Seriously, those Northcrest High girls are RUTHLESS. Like honestly, not to be mean, but it’s probably nothing like you experienced back at pokey old Texas High or something. (Didn’t you say that before winter break, your class swapped Christmas cards?? AWWW!!!! Adorable!!!!!!! When I have my little girls — Lola and Stacie — in the distant future — or maybe not so distant; Penn is always telling me to hurry up; He’s always like, “C’mon, babe, the money I made from ‘You’ will have the girls set for life!!! Anyway, when I have my little babies, we’re all gonna do that activity around Christmas to show that you don’t need money to have a good time!!!!!!!!”) 

OMG, speaking of you, have SUCH a good time back in good old Texas! Send me so many pics of your little dogs!!!! Tell your mom I said hello and I hope her wound is healing well!!! Seriously, I cannot BELIEVE Disney barely gave you any money for your trouble. I mean, if a rollercoaster stopped in the middle of the loop-de-loop and dropped me 75 feet on my head — Well, we go to a different amusement park, so it’d be more like 300 feet — I’d get a lawyer immediately!!! If you need one, let me know. My dad just sits around all day, looking for something to do!!!! He can only explore the house so many times!!!

I might not be able to receive the pics you send — my mom booked a cruise around the South Pacific (which, I mean, tacky, right?) and on the website it said they don’t have the best Wi-Fi (Of course! If you have a chocolate fountain that runs 24/7, I guess SOME sacrifices have to be made.) But send ’em anyway!!! I’m sure that the other places on the tour — Vanuatu, Palau, Bora Bora, Upolu — will at least have something!! If not I will literally kill myself, LOL!!!

Anyway I’ve talked for SO LONG!!! Can’t believe I’ve been writing all this and you’re still asleep!!!! LOL!!!!! I really should be getting to the airport, but it’s not like I’ll miss my flight or anything. Just taking away those precious hours in the Emirates Airlines Deluxe Flight Lounge where I can ACTUALLY get some peace and quiet!!! I’m just DYING to try those hazelnut lattes again!!!

Can’t wait to catch up in the new quarter!!!! We need a gab sesh and wine night SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you soon, roomie!!!!!!!!


xoxo Shannon


Sam Franzini
Sam Franzini is a fourth year student and a fan of dogs, music, tennis, stationery, and Survivor. He grew up in Florida and all of the stories about it are true.