UC Santa Barbara’s relatively quiet entomology department has recently exhibited an uncommon bit of excitement in the wake of the discovery of a rare species of the family Arctiidae: the Black History Moth. A representative from the entomology department, Ms. En D’Pointe, contacted the Nexus with this news after receiving an internal memo regarding celebrations throughout the month of February. 

“All those emails said that the department was celebrating diversity for Black History Moth. I assume they are talking about biodiversity,” Ms. En D’Pointe said, excitedly.

While the rest of UCSB is painfully aware that this “discovery” has to have been the result of some typo somewhere within the entomology department, no one within the university has the heart to let down those little insect scholars. They already have so little.

“I just think we should let them have this,” third-year Jake Kay said. “I mean they study bugs, they really don’t have much, and they have their little hearts set on this.”

Other students, though, are opposed to letting these moth-based delusions continue on any further. Sidney Johnson, a concerned second-year, couldn’t help but wonder what the fuck a Black History Moth would even be if it were discovered. “Is the moth supposed to have some kind of expert knowledge of Black History, or is it just named that?” asked Johnson. “It just seems like they can’t be that stupid to think that there would be celebrations and university-wide emails regarding a moth.”

You would think that might be true, but the entomology department still has a mixer on the books to celebrate those interested in the Black History Moth scheduled for this Friday. We here at the Nexus will be covering the event closely.


A Wiessass has nothing else to add.


A. Wiessass
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