It is with a heavy heart that we here at Nexustentialism learned that Yahoo Answers — a beautiful, oxymoronic monument; the Library of Alexandria of the modern age — will be shutting down this May.

This humble writer took one last pilgrimage to this veritable holy land and now I will share with you the spoils of my trials and tribulations:

i am pangent

i think there is a posiblity that I am pegrent. this Morning i woke up with morning sickness. I felt really sick in the morning, like, i was coughing a lot and i felt really really warm. i hear That prengan people feel sick in the mornings. is this morning sickness?

I did had unprotexted sex once or twice two weeks ago. but it was reverse cowgirl. can you get pregert from reverse cowgirl,? Also it was while I was drunk. i don’t think that you can get prengan while you are drunk.

also rnt you supposed to get cravings if you are prengnate? last night I really was craving ice cream. i ate so much of it but i couldn’t taste it right i just needed to eat more and more. that sounds like pregercy to me.

If I am gregnant what cna I do about it? are there pills for aborations? i here you can use a coat rack? i dont understand how you can do anything with a coat rack. 

also do I need an abortion if ipull out. i think I got out fast enough my grilfreind definitely thougt I got out fast. I needto know what I should do if i am pregnang –

plz help.!

You Are Probably Not Pregnant

… I’m speechless. Thank you for bearing witness and sharing in the lifeblood of what made Yahoo Answers great.


Gil Norris thinks this one went to a kind of weird place.