Located at 1316 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara lies the most beautiful coffee shop I have ever stumbled upon. Cajé, an I.V. classic, has extended its location outside of I.V.. Cajé in I.V. is known for its 1970s vibes: the cool artwork on the building, its classic coffee options, bagels and acai bowls. However, its new location on State Street could not be more different.  

Jill Ridens / Daily Nexus

The Cajé State Street location opened in November of 2020, peak pandemic, and its COVID-safe layout provides a fantastic study spot. You walk into a beautiful and spacious patio with string lights, overhead awnings and a charming fountain. There are several types of seating options for those who require different study positions. The shop has four top tables, low couches and singular back nesting chairs. The baristas get to enjoy the fresh air by working at their outdoor stations. The outdoor fireplace enhances the ambiance and will make you feel right at home. I can confidently say this is the most beautiful coffee shop I have ever visited — not to mention the high 60s temperature in Santa Barbara all winter and spring. 

Jill Ridens / Daily Nexus

Aside from the amazing ambiance, the drinks are what really impressed me. Cajé State Street has a specialty and classics menu. To prepare future coffee-goers, the specialty drinks can only be consumed in store and priced from $9.75 to $11.25. This is the most I have paid for a coffee drink but it’s so worth it! Their signature drinks include the Burnout, Bella Rose, Sugarwood, Jupiter’s Forest and Yamasaki. I tried the Jupiter’s Forest,an iced oat latte with juniper berry, sage syrup, grapefruit zest, fresh orchid and edible gold. All I can say to this is wow! The drink itself was absolutely amazing, but the best part was the presentation. The latte was served in a cocktail glass, sugar splashed on the side of the glass and garnished with a flower. This was by far the most beautiful latte I have ever seen! 

After finishing my drink, I explained to the barista how I was obsessed, and wanted to try a matcha. The barista recommended the classic drink “Hojicha Latte,” which is a toasted matcha latte. This drink was only $5 and came in a classic glass. This was one of the best matcha lattes I have had, not to mention it came with a metal straw. It’s all in the details here!  

UCSB students — do not pass up this opportunity. This is a great study spot, with amazing ambiance. Or, if you’re looking for a COVID-safe activity, you will enjoy hanging out here. For a fun outing, gather with your housemates and try a speciality drink while you sit by the outdoor fire. Enjoy the ambiance, quick customer service and the many details the shop has implemented. I promise, you won’t regret the $10 you just spent.