Kyle’s Kitchen recently launched its newest concept, Kyle’s Protein Grill, bringing clean proteins served as plates, sandwiches and salads to Goleta. Kyle’s Protein Grill is conveniently located next to Kyle’s Kitchen — where Sup & Jus used to be — so it’s just a short drive or bus ride away from campus and Isla Vista.

I visited Kyle’s Protein Grill during their soft opening on a Tuesday night and was immediately greeted by a bustling, lively atmosphere. Almost all the tables inside were full, but there was still lots of room on the patio, which was decorated with cute fairy lights. After scoping out the seating areas, I went to the counter to place my orders. The menu features three proteins: Mary’s Free Range Organic Chicken, Harris Ranch Steak and Impossible Plant-Based Meatballs. I wanted to try a variety of dishes, so I opted for a meatball sub, an ahi tuna salad and a plate with steak as my protein, with chimichurri sauce and mashed potatoes and cauliflower as my two sides. 

Photo Courtesy of Kyle’s Kitchen

I started with the salad, which I was really excited about because they were freshly packed in a Pop Bowl. The concept of these “Take & Shake” with regards to Kyle’s Protein Grill bowls is really cool because the salads are compacted into an almost flat container, but you can expand the bowl, which gives you enough room to effortlessly toss your salad. They are perfect for a busy school or work day when you want a delicious meal on the go. As for the salad itself, the tuna, greens, mandarin oranges, wonton strips and sesame ginger dressing blended perfectly well, as none of the ingredients overpowered each other. I was able to get a perfect bite every time and this was a great start to my meal.

Next, I tried the meatless meatball sub. The sandwich was made with brioche baguettes and I could tell that they were baked fresh because the crust was crispy while the inside of the bread was light and airy. The sandwich had been sitting while I ate my salad, so the marinara sauce soaked the bread, which made it even more soft and flavorful. This was my first time trying plant-based meatballs and while I didn’t think they tasted like actual meat, they still were very savory and delicious. 

Photo Courtesy of Kyle’s Kitchen

The protein plate was by far my favorite dish. The steak was cooked to medium perfection and the chimichurri sauce was to die for. The mashed potatoes were garlic-y and flavorful, and I especially liked that the cauliflower added a kick to it. This plate is perfect if you want to treat yourself to a tasty, well-balanced meal. If there’s one thing that I would recommend trying at Kyle’s Protein Grill, it’s the steak and chimichurri.

Overall, Kyle’s Protein Grill was a big hit in my book. I love the variety and customizability of the dishes because you can tailor your meal to fit your personal diet or taste preferences. I also appreciate how much space the restaurant has; it offers tons of indoor and outdoor seating, so don’t be afraid to come with a big group of friends. I would definitely come back here to try different combinations of their proteins and sides. If you want a taste preview of Kyle’s Protein Grill before you go, their “Take & Shake” salads will be available soon at Silvergreens for you to grab in between classes!


Winnie Lam
Winnie Lam serves as the 2020-2021 On The Menu Editor. She has an unhealthy obsession with Trader Joe's and she loves all things matcha.