Max Myszkowski / Daily Nexus

Getting ghosted is never fun, a relationship you felt was heading somewhere is completely obliterated by radio silence. But, getting ghosted by the guy who works at the University Center (UCen) Starbucks is a whole other experience. The person who, just yesterday, drew a heart on your Slow-Roasted Ham, Swiss & Egg Breakfast Sandwich now refuses to acknowledge your existence and dumped you without so much as an explanation text. You’re devastated, I get it. So here is some advice to keep you from making a fool out of yourself. 

  1. Stop ‘Using’ the ATM Across From Starbucks

No matter how many times you frequent the Bank of America ATM, he is not going to text you back. If anything, he is going to question why you linger around the ATM so much, and never actually withdraw any money. No one in the UCen is fooled when you feign frustration because your pin was denied for the third time that day, they just feel sorry for you.

  1. Stop Checking his Snap Map 

I know it can be addicting to track him on Snap Map, and then conveniently find yourself in the same location as him. But keep in mind, he has a general idea of your schedule and knows that you don’t have any classes in Girvetz. So, what you intended as being an accidental meet-up where he realizes he made a mistake and begs for you back, has actually just made him consider a restraining order.

  1. Find a New Coffee Place 

Do not, and I repeat, do not go buy something from the UCen Starbucks. This one should be obvious, but you shouldn’t confront him at his place of work. Not only will you embarrass yourself, but your feelings will be even more hurt, especially when he pretends he doesn’t know you and puts the wrong name on your drink. I don’t care how bad you are craving a caramel macchiato, walk your ass to the Starbucks in I.V. and save yourself some dignity.

  1. Sleep with the Guy that Works at Jamba Juice

This one kind of speaks for itself. The way to get over someone is by getting under someone else, and at least the guy that works at Jamba Juice won’t charge you for a drink. Just make sure you don’t get ghosted by him too.


Devi S. Tated did not get ghosted by the guy that works in the UCen Starbucks.