If you’re ever craving some quality Mexican food with a modern twist, Los Agaves is the place for you. After hearing so many of my friends rave about this place, I decided to check it out. I went to their Goleta location right in the Camino Real Marketplace which is perfect for many carless college students like me since you can just catch the 24x or 27 to take you straight there. However, they do have four other locations in Santa Barbara, Westlake Village and Oxnard. 

Rachel Lee / Daily Nexus

I really loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, it was a mixture of something comforting but also a little bit fancy. There’s an outside patio with more of a modern decor that you walk through to go into the restaurant, but once inside it gives off a more authentic, traditional Mexican feel. At this location it was an “order at the counter” and then you choose your table and your food will be brought out by the number given to you at the counter. What is nice about the outside patio is that it’s in the part of the Camino Real Marketplace where there’s almost some sort of stage with some type of performance always going on. When my friend and I went, there was a small performer playing so we were able to hear some free music and enjoy the typical SB lovely weather outside along with our meal. 

Rachel Lee / Daily Nexus

I decided to order the Burrito Mojado with steak which was their popular wet burrito as well as their Los Agaves Salad that was topped with oranges, mangoes, avocados and their homemade balsamic dressing. As soon as we sat down we were given chips and salsa and just a little while after came the rest of our food. The service was very quick and friendly. The servers there always came around checking if everything was all right with our meal and very attentive whenever we needed something. As for the food, one of my favorite parts of this restaurant was their self-serve salsa/condiments bar they had on the inside because I kept going back for more. My friend and I tried all their salsas and thought they were all very good. You can really tell that they used fresh ingredients, especially when tasting the pico de gallo. The portions were worth the price you pay for. My friend and I were extremely hungry that day and we didn’t even finish the entire meal. I could not get enough of their burrito with their wet sauce. Their steak was also quite tender and cooked very well. My favorite part of their salad was the addition of the mandarin oranges and mangoes as they added a nice tangy flavor that pairs nicely with everything else.

 Overall, the food was phenomenal and I know I’m definitely coming back for more to try their famous Agaves Enchilada. If you ever find yourself needing to pay a trip to this shopping plaza for maybe groceries or to watch a movie, definitely find some time in your schedule to grab a bite to eat at this place and I promise you won’t regret it!