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Among Free and For Sale’s desperate pleas for a subleaser and the demand for cute, trendy clothes, there exists a subset of the posts that are specifically tailored to one individual.

Instead of writing in a diary, venting to a friend or getting some therapy, users all over UCSB passive-aggressively write about one person, prompting Free and For Sale moderators to implement a Missed Connections option when posting.

This option brought two lucky Gauchos together, officially giving the Missed Connections option a 100% success rate.

Cassey Deya, a frequent victim of bicycle accidents, wrote the following:

“To the asshole who ran me over on the bike path by Pardall:

I was trying to go home when you crashed into me. When I fell, it was like slow motion. I saw your beautiful locks of blonde hair and thought to myself, ‘I’d fuck this guy.’ And when I hit the ground, that’s when I knew that I had found the love of my life.

I don’t know why you had to get up and run away so quickly. You didn’t even check to see if I was okay, but I like a man who’s mysterious.

When you left, there was a hole in my heart. And also on my knees and elbows where the concrete scraped the skin away from my bones.

If you caused a bike accident and think this could be you, please contact me ASAP.”

The post has garnered over 7k likes over a two-hour period.

Adam Meyway, a third-year who gets into a bicycle accident once every hour, saw the post on Facebook and immediately messaged Deya.

The two reconnected and have been in a successful relationship since the post first appeared. If it weren’t for Free and For Sale’s Missed Connections, these two terrible bikers probably wouldn’t have found each other. Finally, Facebook seems to be good for something.


Arthur King wants people to shut the fuck up on Free and For Sale. Y’all need therapy, not internet access.