A restaurant owner and entrepreneur opened up a grab-and-go market cafe style restaurant inside the space of one of his previous and established chain restaurants. The new addition mainly offers a large assortment of juices, soups and baked goods, in addition to salads and coffee.  The cafe also offers a variety of breakfast items, and the market aspect of the cafe provides additional snack and meal options both helpful if customers don’t have time to cook at home.


Emily Hannigan, marketing manager and chief consultant for all three restaurants, says that Sup & Jüs was created and inspired from the concept of a Barcelona market, when the husband and wife owners were walking through the streets of Barcelona and Paris.


Hannigan said that Jay [Ferrero], owner of Süp & Jüs, tried all the soups and had spent years finalizing them. She says that customers can expect Süp & Jüs to use local and high quality meats, cheeses or any other ingredients for their soups, salads and sandwiches. She explained that soup options vary each week depending on what ingredients are in season from their delivery service. She added that the bread they use is an artisan bread from La Brea Bakery.


“For the juices as well, all the fresh produce, you know we’re sourcing it from The Berry Man here locally which is from the local farms in town,” Hanningan said.


Süp & Jüs is located inside Kyle’s Kitchen at Hollister Village Plaza in Goleta.


The cafe offers breakfast, lunch and dinner food options that can either be packaged or served for a sit-in meal at their tables or patio. The space inside has Spanish tile flooring, large white walls and is decorated with one large colorful splash image of fresh juices at an unmanned marketplace.


Sup & Jüs invited two reporters to sample the menu and below is a description of some of their featured food items:

Marilu Bedolla / Daily Nexus


Kale Walnut and Cranberry Salad

Labeled as gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, Hannigan says that this is the super food salad out of the three offered salads on the visit. The salad is a kale leaf salad coated with a tangy cranberry vinaigrette. The cranberry vinaigrette is not overpowering in terms of a tangy taste. Instead it enhances the bite of walnuts, quinoa and organic carrot slices. Also, the cranberry vinaigrette does not dampen the ingredients because the kale and walnuts remain crunchy. This salad balances the size of the kale and amount of quinoa present in every bite and is enjoyable due to the different textures packed in the salad.  


Vegan Buddha Bowl

This salad is a vegan take on the buddha bowl. It removes the poke and adds a colorful assessment of ingredients that make a tasty salad. This buddha bowl uses kale as its greens, and is wonderfully complemented by some quinoa, red peppers, squash and grilled zucchini. The roasted broccoli and the crispiness of the chickpeas integrate properly with the rest of the salad to create a wonderful texture in each bite. However, what really ties this salad together is the Tahini vinaigrette, made by Hannigan herself. All the ingredients mix into one delicate dish that proves healthy food can be delicious.

Leonard Paulasa / Daily Nexus


Turkey Sausage and Kale Soup

Hannigan said the turkey sausage and kale soup is one of the lighter soups, compared to the heartier soups. The soup is a hot bowl of a bite of ground smokey and savory ground turkey accompanied with soft beans. Floating in the broath are soft kale leaves, bits of tomatoes and diced carrots.


Chicken Tortilla

Sup and Jüs’ chicken tortilla soup is labeled organic and gluten-free. It has just the perfect blend of spices that leaves a tingly dance on the tongue, and the softness of the shredded chicken is just right. If you’ve ever tried the Mexican dish pozole, the comfort and taste of this soup is similar to that.


Shrimp & Roasted Corn Chowder

This take on the chowder is absolutely delightful. The blend of spices that were used will remind you more of a New England Clam Chowder than a regular corn chowder, while the shrimp and potatoes complete the New England style and taste. It’s a delicious and healthy soup.


Tomato Basil Soup

Mixed with light cream, and slow-roasted tomatoes, Sup and Jüs take on this classic is on the sweeter side of the spectrum, and manages to remind you of a comfy winter afternoon. Absolutely fantastic with their grilled cheese sandwich, which Hannigan was kind enough to let us try.

Leonard Paulasa / Daily Nexus


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You would be surprised how hard it is for some places to make a proper grilled cheese. However, Süp and Jüs does it just right. Not too bready, not too cheesy and not too buttery; the choice of cheddar and gruyere are perfect. The cheddar provides the sharpness, while the gruyere gives it a sweet and salty taste. It’s amazing by itself or perfect with the tomato basil soup.

Marilu Bedolla / Daily Nexus

Baked Goods

Heath Bar Crunch Cookie

Hannigan said the heath bar crunch was the cafes second most popular cookie apart from the royale cookie which often gets sold out. It’s a golden soft cookie topped with a crunchy toffee glaze and a buttery smell. The cookie was not crumbly or too thin or thick but better enjoyed if it was served warmed. The cookie is a medium sweet treat that can be carried out in a company with one of their Handlebar coffee options.



Tropical Coconut

Vegan and gluten-free, this juice is made with organic coconut milk, strawberries and pineapple. The juice is rich in nutrients, and will leave you refreshed, perfect for the upcoming warmer months.


Overall, Süp and Jüs is a convenient place to grab a nutritious meal for the day. The friendly staff and borrowed concepts makes you want to come back again. For deals happening during their grand opening, head to the Süp and Jüs website.


Leonard Paulasa
Staff writer and photographer. Fitness enthusiast.