Courtesy of Flickr

While enjoying a fun gathering of drinks, friendly faces and favorite tunes, everyone was still completely on board for leaving to go to a house party with sex-crazed belligerents and the world’s worst music.

“I mean I’m having a great time right now and I usually don’t have any fun at this house we’re going to, but I’m totally in to have a sick night,” crew member Alex said. “All the people I really want to hang out with are right here, but you just never know what could happen on a night out.”

Acknowledging that by leaving the pregame they are forfeiting their night to a cacophony of deep house and coldhearted strangers, the crew is ready to get so drunk to where their surroundings don’t make any sort of difference and they will awaken to potent self-loathing and disgust.

“I don’t know, I guess a lot of the time the best part of the night is the pregame,” Alex admitted in a special moment of inward looking. “But fuck it, we are only in college once and soon we are going to be too old to go to these big house ragers.”


Daniel Carroll doesn’t want to leave the pregame.